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Rainbow Relaxation\birth affirmations - $17
Gentle Surge - Aaron Aldridge - $17
Prenatal Parenting, Soothing music and positive messages - $17
Bliss Trip - Flying with the wind - $17

Bliss Trip - Dolphins Dance -$17

Bliss Trip - On Moonbeams -$17

Bliss Trip - Gifts from the Earth -$17


Prenatal Parenting, Exercise Program - $17


HypnoBirthing a celebration of Life - $17
Prenatal Parenting - $27

Tapes ($12)

Birth Affirmations

Rainbow Relaxation

Glove Anesthesia

Deep Relaxation & Birthing Reminders

Enhanced Self-Esteem Through Positive Talk

Planting Seeds of Positive Birth

Stress Reduction

Ultra Depth Relaxation

Spiritual Treatment for Prosperity

Prices exclude shipping. Tapes available as MP3s on request.

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