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Hypnotherapy applies the benefits of hypnosis to assist clients to resolve issues or enhance performance in all areas of their lives. Hypnosis is a familiar and very natural state of altered consciousness most everyone experiences on a regular basis, such as in those moments just before falling asleep, while watching TV, and while sitting entranced in front of the fireplace.

We utilize the state of Hypnosis so that you can relax enough to reach the deep inner wisdom of your Sub-Conscious mind and sometimes increase your ability to be open to suggestion to create healing and more positive circumstances in your life.

A powerful and effective method on its own or as an adjunct to any program for self-improvement, hypnotherapy has already helped thousands to:

Reduce Stress & Deeply Relax
Improve Self Confidence
Overcome Fears
Develop Talents
Raise Performance Levels
Release Phobias
Enhance Job Skills
Improve Study Habits
Go Beyond Limitations
Expand Potential
And More

A hypnotherapy session may include the use of other tools such as muscle testing and breathwork. Also known as kinesiology, muscle testing is based on the concept of "when we speak our truths, we are strong". This is demonstrated by pressing on certain muscles on the body, while speaking truths or non-truths, known by the Subconscious Mind, and noticing whether the muscles test strong or weak. If the muscle tests strong, the statement is true; if it tests weak, the statement is false. Extremely vast and complex, the Subconscious Mind (SM) is the driver for all of your habits, beliefs, memories, autonomic body functions, and egoless truths. The SM is like a computer—it takes in information and sends out information. It makes no judgements, whatever information it receives is just fine-and literal. Relative to WLH, is the concept that the SM is our faithful and immensely powerful servant. The SM, if told in a very precise and literal way, will perform each and every task you have it do—provided there are no blocks.

Breath work focuses on re-learning effective breathing style which enhances the relaxation process during hypnosis.
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Demonstrational Hypnosis

As Hypnotherapists, one thing we've discovered is that most people don't understand what hypnosis is. We have a page on this site dedicated to dispelling myths about hypnosis, however, nothing is quite as effective as a demonstration.

Our Director Yvonne Schwab, enjoys any opportunity to speak in public about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. She can do a simple lecture that covers general aspects of what hypnosis is and isn't, then do a sample hypnosis session for the group or an individual who volunteers, and/or she can speak to a specific use for hypnotherapy, such as pain management or pre-surgical hypnosis, followed by a similar demonstration as discussed above.

Yvonne is also trained in 'Stage Hypnosis'-one of the more recognizable formats for this amazing tool. We see this as a fabulous opportunity to educate a large group of people about what hypnosis is and what it isn't, as well as provide a truly unique form of entertainment. Many people think that the participants in a Stage Hypnosis show are under the Hypnotist's control-not so. These participants are just cooperating and allowing their imaginations to flow. The people who participate in a stage show are very outgoing and would be considered the "life of the party" in other situations. Remember, the Stage Hypnotist doesn't choose the participants, they volunteer.

Stage shows hosted by are very tasteful and creative. We go out of our way to honor our participants and never make them look foolish. We also give our volunteers special post hypnotic suggestions around confidence and self esteem as a thank you for their participation.

Stage or Demonstrational Hypnosis is perfect for a Corporate Event such as a Holiday Party or Company Picnic, Graduation Parties or Prom Night, or as Fund Raisers for any charitable organization or religious community. Think outside the box-Contact us for more information.
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HypnoBirthing is taking the birthing world by calm. When a couple chooses HypnoBirthing, they are intending to deliver their baby in the calm, peaceful way that most mirrors nature. There are many advantages to using HypnoBirthing over traditional childbirth education methods, including but not limited to:

Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome before, during & after birthing.
Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical anesthesia
Eliminates fatigue during labor, so mother has the energy needed to bring her baby into the world
Postnatal recovery is rapid and easier
Babies are better adjusted and happier
The Birthing Companion is an integral part of the birthing, not an onlooker
Shortens the first stage of labor by several hours
Eliminates the risk of hyperventilation from "shallow" breathing methods
Promotes special bonding of mother, baby and Birthing Companion
Classes are now forming, call today for more information.

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Energy Healing/Therapy

The theory behind energy therapy is that all negative emotions are the result of an imbalance in the body’s energy system, and these emotions can be eliminated by something akin to emotional acupuncture—without any needles. This technique can help eradicate any negative emotion (or any emotionally based physical pain) in about 45 seconds. The technique involves tapping or rubbing on various meridian points on the body while making affirmations.
Whole Life Healing TM (WHL) is a synergistic combination of energy therapy, breathwork, muscle testing, and guided imagery, along with a strong spiritual component that can be used or not used according to the desires of the client.

When WLH is applied with healing intention, it gently, completely, and permanently eliminates deeply imbedded emotional or emotionally based physical issues—typically in one to two sessions per issue.
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Karaoke Vocalist Workshop

Session 1
Proper Breathing Techniques
Vocal Warm-ups…Your Voice Is Your Instrument…Take Good Care of It
Each Participant Will Receive A Vocal Warm-up/Hypnosis Cd To Reinforce What They have Learned
At “The World Famous Oasis at 952 East El Camino
$25 or $20 if paid and registered by July 5th

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Spiritual Counseling

There are many ways to describe Spiritual Counseling--some call it Intuitive Counseling, channeling, or giving you a reading. The basic elements in Spiritual Counseling are Spirit and Energy. Or should we say, Spiritual Energy? The information given comes through the counselor from the spiritual realms. It is important for the client that whomever is giving out the information is not "processing" it - meaning putting their own judgment on the information before passing it along to the client. There are also many ways of gaining access to this information. Some people channel information directly from a "guide" or from the Source. Others use the Tarot, Runes, Crystals, Shell, Bones, regular playing cards or even dice to receive information. In the Bible, there are a number of stories of the "casting of lots" which was the divination method of the day. Also, the palm has information to pass on - even your fingerprints can hold amazing information about you.

The Divination Tools I use the most are the ancient sciences of Numerology and Astrology. When a person is born, I believe they choose the moment of birth and their name in order to have a specific "blue-print" to work with over the course of their life. Astrology and Numerology unlock this "blue-print" and give the individual tangible tools to work with to discover their strengths and talents, as well as their challenges. This all adds up to their Life Purpose. Many of my clients have found peace in learning what their Life Purpose is and that they are already living it, or have gained understanding of their Life Purpose and why their life wasn't working the way they wanted it to-because they are living out of alignment with that Purpose.

Once you know what has been holding you back, you're halfway to success because you can isolate the challenging issue, clear it, and then get on with what you are here to do, which in all cases is to live a life of health, joy and prosperity.

It is becoming more well known through the science of Quantum Physics that everything is energy - physical materials are energy vibrating at slow speeds and thoughts are energy vibrating at very high speeds. Your thoughts are very powerful - they are how and what you create in your world. If your thoughts tend to be negative - you are worried, anxious, fearful, angry or in blame and judgment, then your world will tend to bring you things to be fearful or worried about and lots of opportunity to place blame. If your thoughts are positive, joyful, enthusiastic, peaceful and calm, your world will tend to bring you things to be joyful and enthusiastic about, and you'll feel peaceful and calm.

One of the best ways to monitor your thoughts is by watching your language. Notice whether you speak about what you want or what you don't want. Notice how often the word "can't" is in your vocabulary. Notice what you say about others in your life - whether you know them well or are just passing by them in the course of a day. Every word you say creates with more strength than the thought alone because it has a "double" energetic vibration, that of the thought that goes into creating the word, and that of the word itself.

When you work with me as your Spiritual Counselor, I become more of a Coach-helping you to check in with your language - "is that what you meant to say, or did you mean this instead?" etc… In this way you become more aware of your words, then your thoughts and your life begins to move more into the direction you want it to. And because everything is energy, I can work with you over the phone, via email and in a chat room. I get strong intuitive flashes over the phone and the computer and I've done some very powerful Spiritual Counseling and Hypnosis with a client who lived in the South Pacific in a chat room. This was much more economical than the phone calls we had exchanged initially.
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Healthy, Permanent Weight Reduction

Have you tried to lose weight over and over with the same results, either never achieving your goal weight, or getting to that desired weight and then putting the weight back on, and perhaps even more?

Weight Reduction is in the forefront of the minds of America. With all the diseases that come as a result of poor nutrition and lack of exercise, we as a nation are finally looking to change our lifestyles, not to go on another diet.

Because weight reduction can be a more challenging issue than say, smoking cessation, we have put together a longer term program that combines reading, completing exercises based on the reading, coaching and hypnosis to help you achieve the best results possible for you.

Based on the book,  The Ultimate Weight Solution , by Dr. Phil McGraw, this 12 week program will give you the tools you need for success. Whether you want to release 5 pounds, 50 pounds or more, the support you receive while working with this program will assist you to accomplish your goals realistically, and much more easily than you ever thought you could.

Here is what some successful attendees have to say:
I had been thinking about using hypnosis for weight reduction for a very long time, but never acted on it. I had a "lightbulb" moment when I was visiting my daughter-in law and we went shopping for bathing suits. Later that same day I saw an ad in a woman's magazine for a very radical diet plan that carried a before and after photo of a woman who said she felt she was deformed by her excess weight. That did it for me. Even though I had already made up my mind to utilize hypnosis at that time, I knew that as soon as I flew back home, it was time for me to pick up the phone and get associated with a hypnosis practitioner to assist me in my plan for healthy, permanent weight reduction.

I had never embarked on a diet, because I was afraid of the yo-yo effect. Diets do not work; you must make a change in your approach to eating and exercise that will last far longer than any diet does. Hypnosis can help you attain that change, if you have made up your mind to "just do it".

I interviewed several hypnotherapists and decided that Yvonne's approach was exactly what I was looking for. Her method is one that assists you to achieve your goals, whereas other practitioners said they would "make me" change. Her warm and soothing voice allows you to relax and get your subconscious mind ready to receive the information you need in order to accomplish your goals. The Cd that she produces after every session is an invaluable tool in keeping on track with the plan. I would highly recommend that you contact Yvonne to discuss your individual goals, expectations and needs.
KS Los Gatos

I have gotten more from the hypnosis Cds that we get with each class session. The techniques used by Yvonne are the easiest I have found. She was able to help me reach a deep level of relaxation and still be able to follow the instructions/dialog. The class sessions are small and everyone gets individual attention. Yvonne is great about guiding all of us through the course of the book and homework assignments.

After the hypnosis session in class we receive a Cd of the session so we can continue to work on the areas covered that week. These I use every day. Sometimes I use the Cd for that week, and sometimes I vary with Cds from previous week, depending on my need at the time.

I have been reducing my food intake and my weight has been going down about 1 pound a week. It would have been more/faster but I had a small accident and haven't been able to exercise as aggressively as I started out. I am starting back to exercise slowly and hope to be able to increase the time I am able to work out.

Yvonne made a Cd to help my healing process that I feel is working on the healing faster. I had a fractured rib that healed to the point that 2 weeks later I didn't feel any pain. My doctor had to look at the xrays again to see if I had really fractured the rib. I had. The rest of my injury is healing fast, but I am impatient and sometimes push too hard.

I have been involved with hypnosis for 30 years and more. I have had live hypnosis sessions as well as having used tapes. The techniques used by Yvonne are the smoothest I have found. The visualization techniques are great to help you get to a deeper level of hypnosis. I can highly recommend this program for weight loss.

Carol Sanchez
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If you are ill, please see your doctor. Hypnotherapy is not intended to replace your health care practitioners, rather to be used along with whatever medical or other program you are following. This is in no way about diagnosing, prescribing for or treating any physical or mental ailment.
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