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Building a foundation for your success

Description of Our Techniques
When building a foundation for a home or other building, a number of tools are utilized, so it stands to reason that when building a Foundation for Success, we would use a variety of tools as well. Hypnosis is the basic tool we use in facilitating your success. There are many styles of Hypnosis and some styles suit an individual's needs better than others. Our main style of Hypnosis comes from our teacher, Marilyn Gordon. We call it "Deep Inner Healing". When we utilize Deep Inner Healing, we are accessing your own internal wisdom, that which comes from your Subconscious Mind, or your inner guidance if you will. We have discovered that you know exactly what it is you need to pay attention to, and what you need to do to heal a particular issue. This can be valid for many types of sessions from fertility enhancement and menopausal issues, to pre surgical sessions, and releasing phobias and fears.

This is more of an interactive style of Hypnotherapy, with the client easily accessing information and relaying it to the Hypnotherapist, who then creates a tape for the client using their own ideas and words.

We also can utilize a number of "scripts" or create custom scripts for the client if you choose to have a less active role in your session. This is effective for people who are conscious of what their issue is, where it came from and how they want to address it. We always meet our clients where they are in their journey, and do our best to accommodate their wishes so that it is a pleasant experience for all.

We offer NLP or Nuero Linguistic Programming as a tool to build your Foundation. NLP is very effective in helping "reframe" incidents that occurred in the past--helping you to turn the incident from negative to positive, or at least neutral. This fast working tool is very effective for those who have active or analytical minds, and only require a light level of relaxation and the willingness to use the imagination.

We also utilize a number of "Energy Psychologies" as tools. Energy Psyche work, as it is becoming known as, is a relatively new technique that blends Eastern and Western modalities such as accupressure and affirmations to help clients experience immediate relief from issues that are emotionally or energetically held in the cells of the body--particularly in the organs. For example, in Chinese Medicine it is known that the liver holds anger and rage. If not addressed and released, surpressed anger can cause physical dis-ease such as Hepatitis C, and liver cancer. The Energy Psyche tools can help you release these held emotions before they compromise your organs. When your spirit feels better, your body generally follows.

There are a number of Energy Psyche tools such as EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique, BSFF or Be Set Free Fast, and WLH/PET or Whole Life Healing/Positive Energy Therapy. When using these tools in your Foundation for Success, not only do you benefit from instant relief during the session, you are also taught how to use them for yourself--to keep you on track as you continue to build upon you success--whether your healing be of a physical, emotional, financial, or relationship nature.

We also incorporate the ancient wisdom of Astrology and Numerology in our work--particularly if you are interested in discovering your life purpose. So many of us have already reached a level of success in our lives and yet feel that something is missing. Others just feel that some of the patterns which have shown up in their lives have no meaning or a lot of meaning that they just don't understand. These tools can help you to get to know yourself better--to see areas of your life that are challenging and the areas where you have the strength to overcome the challenges innately. This can help smooth your path and help you to build your Foundation of Success.

Since we are here on this planet in our bodies, we also have nutritional programs available based on Homeopathy--Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals and Digestive Enzymes being the focus of this end of our work. Sometimes our bodies need additional support to help the work of the mind to become firmly ensconced. We discuss with you the systems of the body and through the use of hypnosis, muscle testing and/or iridology (sometimes referred out), we determine custom programs to enhance the best health of your body.

At Foundations In Success, we believe in the Mind, Body, Spirit connection and help you to enhance whichever aspect or aspects need attention according to what is best for you.