Foundations in Success - Building a foundation for your Success
Foundations in Success Foundations in Success
Building a foundation for your success

When building a foundation for a home or other building, a number of tools are utilized, so it stands to reason that when building a Foundation for Success, we would use a variety of tools as well. Hypnosis is the basic tool we use in facilitating your success. There are many styles of Hypnosis and some styles suit an individual's needs better than others. Our main style of Hypnosis comes from our teacher, Marilyn Gordon. We call it "Deep Inner Healing". When we utilize Deep Inner Healing, we are accessing your own internal wisdom, that which comes from your Subconscious Mind, or your inner guidance if you will. We have discovered that you know exactly what it is you need to pay attention to, and what you need to do to heal a particular issue. This can be valid for many types of sessions from fertility enhancement and menopausal issues, to pre surgical sessions, and releasing phobias and fears.

Foundations in Success uses tried and tested hypnotherapy, and energy techniques to help people succeed in all areas of their lives.

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What People Are Saying

"Together we beat cancer! Thank you Yvonne for all of your energy and work." C.P., San Jose

"I had no idea of the speed in which such positive changes would occur in my life!" C.S., San Jose

"Great Class! You're very positive & good energy. Material is interesting-very good in area of application in your own life." D.V., Watsonville

"I really enjoyed the class and got some good insights." N.M., Saratoga

"My surgery went well. Your techniques sure helped during my most dire moments. Thanks for your assistance ... I've referred my sister-in-law to you for therapy. " E.A., Sunnyvale

"Thank you very much! I know the kids really enjoyed your demonstration. I heard several of them say they were thinking of contacting you. We had a phenomenal retreat & I honestly think that your presence Thursday morning was a great way to start us off, so thank you again. …It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to working with you in the future." L.S., Santa Clara

New free E-book now available ”HYPNOSIS HEALS - Selected case histories from the files of Professional Hypnotherapists ” Includes selected case studies by Yvonne Schwab.

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